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Direct Print Through

fabric dye sublimation process.

Watch your artwork come to live with us!

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Today Sublimated textiles fabric printing are growing rapidly in popularity for trade show exhibits, soft signage, fabric backdrops, table tops and corporate events flag banner.


Sublimated prints are easily heat transferred to fabric for vibrant flags, banners and textiles that preserve the fabric’s natural drape and texture. To produce the soft touch & drifting effect, Dye sublimation works great with photographic printing because it creates natural-looking images & produce dense, rich colors, unlike polyester coated fabric printing, are unable to produce the same result as sublimation printing.  


Sublimation is the process of changing physical states from solid to a gas while bypassing the liquid phase. In sublimation printing, the sublimation inks are formulated to vaporize at certain high temperatures. This quick release of the sublimation inks is what allows the transfer of such fine detail and brilliant color.


Call us today & compare the different in sublimation fabric printing & polyester / non-polyester fabric printing. - Or Inquiry on Flag System Display for Custom high or rental services.

- Polyester fabric & Other
- Outdoor & indoor application
- Washable without fading

Who We Are

Expandta is the new dye sublimation fabric production workshop and tension fabric display products by PROTOSENI Product Fabrication & Display Structure Design Company established in 1997,  involved in back end support, advertising display, exhibition concept design, vinyl plotting services & wide format Printing, products modification, customized woodwork and metal constructions Company, Protoseni provide professional, affordable and effective advertising and promotion solutions to corporations. from concept designs to customized & constructions to local and overseas clients for special events like road shows, music festivals, trade shows and grand openings.

We work with fashion & design students

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